We Can’t Believe We Haven’t Noticed These 30 Movie Costume Mistakes Before


We all love a good movie. It’s a form of escapism to enter another reality where we experience a range of emotions based on the characters and their story. The more authentic a movie is, the more it draws us into this other world.

Blockbuster movies have huge budgets to cast A-list actors, implement best special effects and design appropriate costumes and props. It’s a whole ensemble of factors that determine a movie’s success.

But, what happens when a top box office movie misses subtle continuity errors or depicts inaccuracies? In our list of 30 movie costume mistakes, these oversights were missed by producers and moviegoers alike but didn’t affect the success of the movie in any way.

1. The color purple


Based on Alice Walker’s 1983 book, The Color Purple is set in 1916 and tells the story about a group of African American women in the deep South of America. Not all movie mistakes are glaringly obvious. In this film, the actor Danny Glover is wearing a clip-on tie, which was only invented in 1928.