15 Reasons to Sleep on Your Left Side


Apart from keeping your limbs safely tucked under your blanket to prevent monster attacks, you’ve probably never thought twice about your sleeping position. After all, maximum comfort is the number one priority when it comes to getting a good night’s sleep. Well, what if we told you that you can upgrade from good to awesome by making a simple change in how you lie down?

If you don’t feel fully refreshed every morning, try lying down on your left side before you doze off. Studies have shown that facing left while you sleep has a ton of surprising benefits that you never would’ve imagined. Here’s a list of 15 reasons why you need to start sleeping on your left side from here on out.

1. Less Snoring

Source: sleepscore.com

This is perhaps one of the most surprising benefits of sleeping on your left side. From what science tells us, placing the left side of our face on a head pillow will shift our tongue to a more neutral position, thus preventing any obstruction that could lead to bothersome snoring at night. Try this out the next time you or your partner has any complaints about sawing logs in bed.